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1. Let the light in
2. We remove the doors
3. “Hide” furniture
4. Enriching
5. Pull and stretch

Man is so arranged that he always wants more … square meters. But you often have to deal with a very modest footage. The main thing is to dispose of them correctly. Even the smallest space can be expanded visually. We have collected the TOP-5 ideas for interior design of a small apartment that will perfectly cope with this task.

Let the light in

The more natural light in the room, the better. Do not hide the windows behind the massive curtains, do not litter the window sills. It is better to give the choice to a translucent flowing tulle and be sure to hang the curtains above the windows — this way they will visually raise the windows and ceilings themselves.

To promote the spread of sunlight will be light colors, glossy and mirror surfaces. Place mirrors in the interior of a small room so that they reflect as much light as possible. The visual illusion of increased footage can be achieved by placing mirrors next to the doorway.

On artificial lighting is also not worth saving. More point light sources: ceiling spots, LED lights, floor lamps, sconces. An excellent expanding and pulling effect will be provided by the cornice lighting of the ceiling. But massive chandeliers with a low suspension should remain in the ballrooms, they do not have a place in a small size, especially when it comes to a room with low ceilings.

We clean the door

Leave the doors only where you can’t do without them, for example, in the restroom. Traditional interior doors in a small apartment can be discarded with a light heart. Interior design trends favor open doorways in kitchens and living rooms. If you don’t feel comfortable without doors, you can choose sliding ones, they will take up less space.

Glass doors are preferable to wooden, they will allow light to freely walk around the premises.

“Hide” furniture

We say no to massive cabinets and bulky storage systems. Sliding wardrobes behind a mirror surface or mask in the color of the walls. We make a choice in favor of compact hanging shelves and “air” open shelving.

A great idea for a small apartment is transparent furniture. Furniture solutions made of glass and transparent acrylic, the so-called interior ghosts, literally dissolve in space and confidently keep in the TOP trends.


You should not litter a small-sized room with extra furniture and decorative dust collectors, however, it is not necessary to go into complete minimalism. The interior of a small room with bare light walls can play a cruel joke, and, instead of visually expanding the footage, it will visually squeeze it.

You can get rid of this oppressive effect using a variety of textures. Combine different finishing materials: wallpaper, brick, decorative plaster. A variety of textiles, metal, glass, wood, stone — the more textures in the interior, the richer and more interesting it will look.

But it is better to refuse graphics and large drawings on the wallpaper, they will steal square meters. An exception may be photo wall murals with a visual perspective.

There is no need to be afraid of bright accents, the main thing is that they remain precisely accents. Bright pillows or an armchair are good, bright walls are not. Well, only if one is accent. If you highlight the far wall with color, you can visually push the side walls.

Stretch and stretch

If there is a need to increase the height of the room, vertical stripes will cope with this task. It can be high mirrors, floor lamps, floor-to-ceiling racks, decorative panels and wallpaper.

If the main task is to make the room wider, horizontal strips will come to the rescue. Decorative curbs or long hanging shelves can take their role. When the ceilings in a cramped room are too high (sometimes it happens), you can expand the space with a simple technique — make the ceiling darker than the walls.

These simple tricks can be a successful complement to the interior design of a small apartment.

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