Among Us-find a traitor.

Among Us is a multiplayer computer game for social deduction, developed by the American company InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game is made in a space theme. In it, players are randomly divided into two teams: crew members and traitors.

In 2018, the game did not receive much publicity, but in 2020, thanks to Twitch and YouTube, it achieved popularity. Due to the increased interest in it, a sequel was announced — Among Us 2. Subsequently, the sequel was canceled on September 23, 2020, the developers decided to develop the original game.


Among Us is a top-down third-person game that allows the player to move in all directions. In one round, from four to ten players can play. At the start of the game, everyone is secretly assigned the role of a traitor or crew member. Impostor can hide in a ventilation hatch, sabotage and kill astronauts, and traitors cannot kill each other. Their goal is to kill almost all crew members (if there are as many astronauts as traitors, then the latter win), or destroy the ship / headquarters / research base (depending on the map) by sabotage. The goal of the astronauts is to complete personal tasks in the form of simple puzzles scattered throughout the map. If all tasks are completed, then the traitors will lose. Also, crew members can achieve victory by eliminating traitors during the vote.

At the scene of the murder, a corpse remains, upon finding which any player can start an urgent meeting, at which, during the discussion, the players determine the traitor and vote for the suspect. The player who received the maximum number of votes is thrown into space, lava or thrown off a cliff (depending on the map), that is, he dies, but continues the game in the form of an invisible ghost that can continue to perform tasks (or arrange sabotage, if he is a traitor), pass through the walls and watch what is happening, but has no right to vote and communicate with other live players. Players have the right to vote for anyone, even for themselves, or not vote at all, in this case, if more than half did not vote, then no one is eliminated. If all the traitors are killed, the astronauts will win. It is possible to have a discussion even if no one has died, however this function has a limit of use. If the traitor committed a murder, then he can do the next only after a while.

A traitor can sabotage at any time: lock one of the rooms, turn off the light (narrowing the field of view), disrupt the communication system, start the countdown until the reactor explodes or oxygen leaks. In the event of an alarm, a countdown begins, before it expires, two crew members must simultaneously press special buttons, otherwise the traitors will win



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